Monday, June 21, 2004

Hay otros mundos, I

Aunque yo lo vea irrecuperablemente disperso, me imagino que visto desde fuera este blog se va marcando un estilo. En realidad podría haber sido de otras muchas formas; voy a probar algunas, sólo por ver...

Brit wit

…Now, the fact is everyone has at least one pair of Impossible Underpants (mine are dubious white, shamefully skimpy and at least two sizes under). IU’s only mission in life is to make your drawer look reassuringly full; in fact, day after day you let them aside until they’re the only ones left. Technically, this should never happen: the regular washing cycle might allow a last choice in which at least two pairs were involved, but time and again you find out that unpredictable social events or more painful-to-describe issues lead to the unwanted situation in which you have to choose between keeping last night’s on or end up wearing again your IU through what you can bet will be a very long working day.

Two days ago, after an endless, undescribably crotch-killing day in my IU, I made my mind up and finally threw them into the litterbox where they belonged so long ago. The relief, however, didn’t last (it never does, when an inquisitive mind is involved). The awful thought struck like the proverbial lightning: somewhere inside my underpant box (a cute box, by the way, that I made up from some other thing) a perfectly fitting, regular sized, modest looking piece of underwear may be evolving into my new IU.


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